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    • About us
    • Zhejiang Haixin Valve Corp. built in the base of Jiangsu Haixin Marine Valve Co., Ltd. Company locates in the Industrial ring road, Wuniu Dongmeng Industrial zone, Wenzhou. It has a construction area 15000 m2with a factory area 13000 m2. The company has about 200 employees with nearly 100 senior professional title people and professional technicians. Yearly capacity exceeds one hundred and twenty million Yuan. The main products are: Butterfly valve, stop valve, gate valve, ball valve, safety valve, marine accessories and Naval Vessel Valve etc. with GB, CB, CBM, JIS, API standard. Our company owns sophisticated machining center, CNC lathe, vertical lathe, cast steel production line, complete equipment for resin sand treatment cast iron production lines and a complete set of materials testing instrument and other production facility, which can provide strong guarantee for production services and the reliability of the product quality. MORE >>
    • CB304-92 CB.T3843-1999 B type
    • CB3022-1994 Male thread air signal safety valve
    • CB907-94 Male bronze angle liquid safety valve
    • GB3036-94A Marine bronze center-pivoted screw-drive manual butterfly valve  A type
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